How Dib Dab Doo & Dilly too came to be!

I am the father to 4 wonderful children . The Dib Dab Doo & Dilly too characters on this site are based upon my 4 children's personalities


Dib the Parrot is wise, intelligent and talkative just like my eldest son.


Dab the feline is mischievous, cunning and a bit of a naive just like my eldest daughter.


Doo the mouse is shy and reserved just like my youngest daughter.


Dilly is the other end of my youngest son inquisitive, easily led and as daft as a brush but very loving.

Get familiar with Dib Dab Doo and Dilly too here

My Children use the Internet a lot for homework research, games content etc. What my children could be exposed to online has always worried me as it would any parent. I always made my children use filtered search engines thinking they were safe and reliable.

My daughter was using one of these filtered engines doing a search for groovy chick, to my horror the results contained links to very very unsuitable content, I pulled the computer plug out of the wall and decided enough was enough.

In the past, has used a fast meta search engine to crawl the internet for safe content.

However, we have switched over to Google's Custom Search which allows for more relevant results to be returned.

We utilise Google's URL filter to restrict the results from sites that have been reviewed by human's and classified as kid/teen safe.

Unfortunately, a downside to using Google's Custom Search are the ads that come paired with the results. If you come across ads that are not child safe, please contact us and we will submit a request to have the ad removed from the pool.

The web is a huge place where children can be easily misled and taken advantage of. I know you will agree when I say there is a great need for engines such as to keep our children safe online. More and More kids are using the net every day, so as parents its imperative we educate our kids about online dangers. Visit The Safety Tips Page.

No search engine can guarantee 100% safety as sites can be sold, domains can be re-registered or simply the webmaster of a site decides to change the sites content. I can say that all the search results within this site have been reviewed and classified by human beings.

I need help searching, do you have any tips for me?

When you type multiple words in the search box, looks for Web pages that contain all of the words. Be as specific as you can. (Example: Word puzzle instead of just Puzzle) Enter words that you think will appear on the Web page you want. To search for an exact phrase, put it in quotes (Example: "to be or not to be"). Uppercase and lowercase are treated the same. To maintain a certain capitalization, put the word in quotes.

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