Why Link to us?

Search engines can be a wonderful research tool for kids. Unfortunately, they can also provide easy access to pornography, violence and hate content (or even just unwanted commercial or misleading content).

In a recent Roper Starch study, 25 percent of parents said their children were coming online as early as age 2, with that number increasing to 60 percent by age 6.

The more sites that link to Dibdabdoo.com the more awareness about our safe search engine will be given to parents, teachers and kids.

We are working 24/7 to help keep kids safe online...

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<p><a title="Child/Kid Safe Search Engine Keeping Kids Safe On-line." href="http://www.dibdabdoo.com/">Dibdabdoo.com</a> - Child/Kids Safe Search Engine Keeping Kids Safe On-Line.<p>

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