Come with us on our journey!

Nice to meet you, my name is Dib. I hail from the reefs off Queensland, Austrailia. The land goers call me a Red-tailed Tropicbird, but I prefer if everyone just call me Dib. I was tracking a mighty tasty morsel, er, I meant I was looking to invite my fishy mate over for dinner when a terrible storm blew through and I lost my way. The winds took me all over the world. My journey ended at a small inlet on the north western tip of this island nation. The weather is cooler than I prefer but there are so many fishy friends I can invite to dinner that I dare not leave. In a new place, I've taken the time to read up on the local dialect. It's similar to the one I use but it's been slow going. My favorite books so far are of this Hedwig fellow. Magic and sorcery abound and at the center of it all is a majestic owl protecting his human pet. It's a heartwarming story, I highly recommend it.

Oh, I am terribly sorry. I tend to prattle on when the topic strays towards literature. I am not alone in this ordeal. I met three of the best mates any one can have on my journey here. Each of them are one of kind. Why, just the other day...

Dab pushes Dib off-screen.

Hello. You may call me Dab. My lineage is quite extensive. My breed, the Siberian Forest Cat, naturally comes from the frozen tundra of Siberia so this weather bothers me none. I am held in high esteem in my mother country, Russia. We are revered as national treasures. I met Dib on his journey one morning when I was out meeting and greeting my subjects. He was obviously star struck at my stature and gifted me a number of fishy treats.

Dib pokes his head in and shakes it furiously. Dab pushes him back off screen

He invited me on his journey and I graciously accepted. While Dib is an eloquent speaker in his own right, his understanding of numbers is severely lacking. Mathematics is what makes the world go round. With my assistance, our journey was much more finanicially feasible.

A fish flies off screen catching Dab's attention. She pounces off in its direction. A penguin waddles on screen.

Good evening everyone. My name is Dilly and I will be one of your hosts for the rest of your stay. I do not come from a line of royalty as Dab does nor am I part of a rare species like my aviary friend Dib. I am as common as common can be. I wear my black and white to work in the morning and take pride in my penguin ancestry. We may not fly in the blue skies but we can certainly fly through the blue waters of this planet. Dib is my best mate as he would say. I rather call him a dear friend. We met off the coast of Queensland and hit it off immediately through our common love of fish. When I sighted him getting led astray by the storm, I knew it was my duty to jump in to help.

At first, I thought Dib was going to follow Magellan's route to circle the globe, but he was just zig zagging from place to place. It was by luck that once he met up with Dab, they began to move in more linear fashion. I caught up to them in Madagascar and we've been together ever since. On this journey, I was finally able to visit all the places I read about in the history books. It has been an eye-opening journey if I do say so myself.

Dilly is nudged off screen by a small mouse.

Hi. My name is Doo. I like science. There, I said it. I love studying nature and how things work. I love finding the answers to questions. I love breaking something apart only to put it together again. But the most of all, I love, love my best friends in the whole wide world. I met them at the San Diego Zoo when they stopped over for a rest. Their tales were fascinating. I so wished to travel with them and explore every nook and cranny this world has to offer. I was so delighted when they invited me along.

A tablet slides off screen.

Oh! Is that a tablet I've heard so much about? I love gadgets. I wonder what it can do. I'm going to play with it now.

Doo bounds off screen as Dib struts on screen.

Well, that's all of us. I hope you enjoy your stay here at our small corner of the world. May your journey be fruitful and inspiring.

Dab, Doo and Dilly tackles Dib and the tickle wars begins anew.