What is Dibdabdoo.com?

Dibdabdoo.com is a fast powerful family/child safe meta-search engine that searches the Internet's top Kids & Teens directories enabling you to get the most relevant and comprehensive safe search results without the worry of unsuitable content. Visit our about us page.

What is Google Custom Search?

Google Custom Search is similar to Google's search engine except we filter the search results to hand-picked websites that we deem appropriate for children.

I need help searching, do you have any tips for me?

When you type multiple words in the search box, Dibdabdoo.com looks for Web pages that contain all of the words. Be as specific as you can. (Example: Word puzzle instead of just Puzzle) Enter words that you think will appear on the Web page you want. To search for an exact phrase, put it in quotes (Example: "to be or not to be"). Uppercase and lowercase are treated the same. To maintain a certain capitalization, put the word in quotes.

Use Appropriate Spacing

Dibdabdoo.com recognizes any spaces that you enter in the search box, so search with the correct spaces included. For example a search for "Hound dog" you will most likely receive a list of information about that specific kind of dog. Searching "hounddog" will probably return similar results, but may also include a specific site (if there was a hounddog.com), a band name, a book title, or any other exact match for hounddog without a space.

If no results are found

Check your spelling.

Try different or fewer keywords.

Remove quotation marks or plus signs.

How do I contact Dibdabdoo.com?

For general site inquiries, questions or comments, you can contact us for a prompt reply.