Working From Home During School Holidays

It's the school holidays, it's red hot outside, the kids are winging to go the seaside and you've got to meet a deadline in two days and you have'nt even started. DO'NT panic. Remember the kids need your time also and all work and no play makes mammy a dull person. Take an hour off, ask for help from friends and family. There are lots of ways to keep the kids happy during the holidays. Here are some great ideas to help you out.

Remember, these suggestions depend on the age(s) of your child(ren.)

Work late when they go to bed or rise early while they are still sleeping.

Designate one day, e.g. Monday's as play day" and spend the day with them no work and no interuptions. So switch the phone off, get your bathers on and head down to your local pool. Tell the children that you will need the rest of the week to get some work done but that the play day will be for them and that it is a day of pure fun and games.

If you have relatives close, send them there for short periods of time. Be careful not to take advantage of their generosity.

Schedule certain days that your child(ren) can have friends over and alternate with days your child(ren) may go to their friends' homes.

Check your local area for clubs and activities where you can leave the kids there for a few hours a day.

Invest in some great outdoor toys and garden equipment. Swings and slides will keep them happy for a few hours (or at least half an hour), water guns are great they can get each other wet and get muddy (make sure they put old clothes on then you won't have to worry about their clothes getting to dirty).

Buy or make a sand pit. Play sand is cheap enough to buy. Buy them some plants to have their own little garden but you will need to supervise them but that is easy enough just take your work outside with you.

Buy them their own tent and tell them that it is their own little house you could even let them stay in it over night with their friends.

Get to know other at home mothers in your area and you could alternate looking after the kids every other day.

Let them write, sing, play instruments, and draw to encourage their creativity.

You may just have to pay them off (if they are older), send them to the, park, or wherever for a little bit of time.

Lastly, remember why you work at home. Isn't it because you want to spend more time with your family while earning money?

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