Writing a Cover Letter: An Example

There are many ways to write a cover letter. Here is a short example for you to refer to

Claire Preston
78 Dawson creek
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Ne15 5h0
0191 287 3849
5,June 2001

Mrs. Sheryl Bryson
Hiring Manager
Rest Easy Hotel (Addresses are omitted for e-mailed cover letters)
Tyne Mouth,
Ne5 kl9

Dear Mrs. Bryson: (Letter is addressed to a specific individual if possible)

(State position applied for)
The management position you advertised in today's wall gazette greatly interests me. The Rest Easy Hotels have always served as landmarks for me when I travel, and I would like to contribute to their continued growth. I have enclosed my CV for your review.

(Sell yourself )
I have worked for many hotels over a number of years , (mentioned in my CV) starting off as a chamber maid and working my way up to trainee manager. I have extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry, can lead a team and am well spoken and can speak three different languages.

(Request an interview)
I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualifications more fully in an interview. I can be reached at 0191 365 8786. Thank you for your consideration.
(Place your phone number near the end)


(Sign each letter)

Claire Preston


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