How To Stop Constipation Quickly?

By: Rudy Silva

If you are constipated then you know that you need to stop constipation now. Constipation is a serious condition that needs quick attention. If you go to the doctor, he or she may tell you that if you don't have a bowel movement in two to three days it may be okay. I'm here to tell you it is not okay.

Once digested food reaches your colon it is already toxic matter. Digested food that stays in your colon longer than 24 hours or so is toxic matter. When you have a bowel movement, and look at your stools, do you want them to be in your body for two, three or four days? And if they do stay in there that long, is it ok? I don't think so.

Just use your common sense. Every 24 hours, after a meal, you should have a bowel movement. This means that if you eat three meals a day, you should have three bowel movements each day and two bowel movements would be better than just one.

So how can you stop constipation, if you only have one bowel movement every two or three days? Well that is going to depend on your lifestyle. The way you live your life and the foods you eat. In this article we talk only about one way to stop constipation.

Constipation is an indication of the way you are living your life. It means your life is out of balance. Here is how you start to get your life back into balance.

When you wake up, typically you need to go the bathroom to urinate and have a movement. After doing this, you normally have breakfast. Now here is the secret to getting rid of constipation. The period from the time you wake up to noon time, is a time that your body detoxifies itself, by urinating and having movements. Supporting this period with a light breakfast is a great way to stop constipation.

If you eat the typical American breakfast of eggs, potatoes, ham, bread, orange juice, then you are blocking your own body's need to eliminate the toxins it has accumulated during your sleep time. So to stop constipation you need to stop eating this type of breakfast.

Now you can help your body get rid of these toxins by not eating a heavy meal. You do this by eating morning fruits or raw vegetables and juices that you make fresh. Store bought juices have too much natural sugar, whereas juices you make will have more fiber that helps your body gradually use the natural sugar in the juice.

Eating fruits in the morning helps your body to urinate more and activates peristaltic action, which helps you to have a natural bowel movement. Fruits and juices take about one to two hours to digest and don't block your natural tendency to detoxify by elimination. A heavy meal takes around fours or more to digest and this block your body's detoxification period.

Try this change for two weeks and you will stop constipation. Eat your fruits or green drink when you first get up and then around 10 am eat or drink a fruit smoothie, no sugar.

You will stop constipation quickly. Just help your body to do what it does naturally and you will have more energy, your body will be more alkaline, and you will be able to activate normal bowel movements.

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