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By: Rudy Silva

There are many reasons why you shouldn't fail to have herpes testing. These reasons may mean your life, the health of your partner as well as further complications that it may lead you if you fail to undergo the disease's examination.

Herpes is a disease caused by virus. Depending on the virus that causes the infection, the illness may be categorized as HSV-1 or HSV-2. Additionally, this disease may manifest on your mouth (oral herpes) or genital areas (genital herpes).

The HSV-1 virus usually causes oral herpes. This kind can make its victims suffer because of painful sores. These sores may appear on your gums, lips and within your mouth area. This virus can also cause genital herpes although 80% of patients infected by this virus only suffer oral herpes.

Also, this type of simplex virus doesn't just affect adults. Because of how the disease is transferred, it is possible for your kids to acquire it.

On the other hand, HSV-2 simplex virus is the virus type that causes genital herpes. Accordingly, herpes survey showed that 8 people out of 10 are most likely infected with this kind of herpes.

Because of the speed of transmission, it is a must to go for herpes testing as promptly as possible. This disease can be easily passed on through skin to skin contact. This is most susceptible if you have open wound or lesion on your skin.

Aside from that, herpes can be communicated through sexual intercourse. Take note that this disease may occur on your mouth which could only mean that oral sex would not save you.

Herpes testing centers and agency encourage people with active sex life to have herpes test. This is specifically encouraged whenever some symptoms start occurring. Some manifestations of herpes that would signal you to have a check are:

Oral Herpes

-itchiness around the mouth (you may experience this before the sore)
-cold sores
-fever blisters
-lymph nodes on the neck


Although this kind of herpes may show confusing symptoms, you might want to consider the following signs:

-sores that are filled with fluid
-sores near your genital areas
-excruciating pain on your lower body or near the possibly infected area

Naturally, it is always best to hear the opinion of the experts; better yet, do some genital herpes testing. By doing so, you would know whatever it is that's been causing your health to fail and find remedy for it as early as possible.

Some of the herpes tests that you can do include herpes blood test or herpes simplex test. Depending on the herpes test results, the doctor may suggest you to do further herpes lab test.

Another thing that you must know is that herpes testing for men differ from women's test. The different tests of the two genders can provide more herpes testing accuracy. With such, you can be reassured that the chance that you might be given the wrong diagnostic is low.

Herpes testing is very important. This is something that you should do the moment you start feeling and seeing the symptoms. In fact, you should do this as early as possible.

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