5 Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

The first year of married life flies by over night. First the honeymoon, then moving in to your new home or preparing your old place for life together, and before you know it, it's your first anniversary. Let your spouse know how much you still love them and that you would marry him/her all over again. Here are 10 ways to make your first anniversary a one to last a lifetime.

Relive the past
Celebrate Year 1 with a night of nostalgia. Get out the wedding and honeymoon photos, crack open a bottle of champagne put on the wedding video put on your wedding lingerie and relive your wedding night.

Take a second honeymoon
Why not revisit your honeymoon destination or take the chance to go to a place you have always wanted to see. If for some reason you can't take a holiday a weekend away would be the next best thing allowing you time out from daily hassles.

Re-light the flame
After the honeymoon is over our bedroom antics become a little too routine like. Use your anniversary as a means of spicing up your love life. Decorate your bedroom with candles, satin/silk, and turn your bedroom into a love den. Add some accessories such as body paint, blindfolds, massage oils etc.. and tell each other your deepest fantasies.

A little imagination goes a long way
You don't need lots of money to let your other half know how much you love them all it takes is a little imagination.
Get up early and prepare breakfast in bed
Leave little love notes where you know your sweetie will find them
Put together a photo album of all the great times you have spent together
Send a single rose every hour on the hour and deliver the last one personally.
Little touches are often more effective then one big one.

Make your sweeties dream come true
This one needs prepared in advance so start early. Ask your other want they have always wanted to do more than anything, whether it be scuba diving, parachuting, or learning to fly make his/her dream come true.

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