In Excess of Portion

By: Sherri L Dodd

My husband and I recently visited a popular Chinese restaurant chain. I must say that it is no wonder that this eatery is represented by a rotund little bear. The rice alone equated to around four to five one meal! This along with the other generous rations left us both with a few thoughts on the lack of self-control versus the available meal sizes in some of the fast-er food eateries.

We cannot just blame the commercialized burger chains for promoting obesity in the states. I shake my head in frustration when I see this perfect example of the carbohydrate portion gone awry, followed by the whining of diet gurus that revel in a major nutrient's supposed betrayal.

Giving the American consumer the benefit of the doubt, I will bet that many of us do not know the actual size of a single serving for the many different foods. Subsequently, there is a high propensity to misjudge said portions, especially when they are so abundantly given to you at no extra cost. While it is not necessary to break out the measuring cups and spoons at the counter of your favorite diner, there is a general rule of thumb about accurate sizing of food. A couple examples are grains and veggies ranging from cup to 1 cup per serving or cheese usually measuring 1 to 1 ounces. For those who have difficulty remembering these technical measurements, McKinley Health Center has a website that features a clever rendition of accurately sizing up the nourishment set before you at any dinner table. Portions are described in the manner of the "size of 9-volt battery" or the "size of a checkbook" instead of the textbook lingo you may have learned in cooking class. You can enjoy more of these silly comparisons at,/ click on Health Information, Nutrition and then Making Sense of Serving Sizes.

Even armed with the knowledge of accurate portions, it will always come down to your own degree of self-discipline. I am definitely not a believer in suing successful corporations simply because someone ate themselves into a miserably obese physical condition or even an untimely heart attack. While it would be nice if we were less enticed into over-eating, just like a lot of other areas in life, we each have the power to choose, especially when it comes down to just how much chow-mien to woof down during a road trip's meal-time interruption.

About the Author:

Sherri Dodd is the creator and author of Mom Looks Great - The Fitness Program for Moms. She is also an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant with over fifteen years of exercise experience. She has lectured to groups of 100+ people on her fitness plan and is a freelance writer on the topics of fitness and general nutrition as well as the humorous side of motherhood.

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