Your Wedding Planner Checklist

Planning a wedding can be very stressful. We all want our big day to come and go without any problems. Below is a wedding checklist all you have to do is print it off and remember
to tick the boxes as you finish each one. Don`t forget to let the people around you help allowing you to enjoy planning your wedding without the added stress of having to do every thing yourself.

The top of the list has to be the date --/--/---

Will you be having a themed wedding if you are have a look at our wedding theme page.

Wedding ceremony venue

Church (visit the minister) -

Registry office--

Licensed venue -


Pick your own wedding vows.If you are having your own wedding vows make sure you check with the person
doing the ceremony before hand. Book the venue early to be sure of getting the venue and date you want

Wedding/reception guest list

Brides family-

Grooms family-


Children --

Send out invites--

Let both sets of parents do the family guest lists so you don`t miss anybody out. When you know exactly how
many are coming send out an information pack which will include maps, venue, gift list etc.

Wedding reception venue


Marquee --

Hotel --

Other -------

Do they provide children's entertainment--

Do they have their own caterers---

Book the venue as soon as possible. But do make sure it is big enough to hold the amount of guests you expect
and more if needed.

Evening venue


Marquee --

Hotel -

Other --

Do they provide entertainment----

Be sure that all the preparations are done in advance.


Order your cake--

Getting a caterer in ---

Family or friends providing the catering -

Venue host providing the cateringiii


Waiter service

Select the menus. Be sure to provide for those with special diet needs and vegetarians

Buffets are usually Best as they are less expensive and food left over from the wedding reception can be
eating at the evening reception.




Spending money--



Pack luggage

Make sure your passport is up to date and if you haven`t got one send away for it now. You could wait until the
last minute before booking your for those last minute deals which could save you a lot of money.


Limousine --

Rolls-Royce -

Horse drawn carriage -

Other -

Transport for family --

Transport to and from receptions

Check the transport before paying for it. Check with the council that no roads on your route will be closed that day.
Keep phone numbers of local taxis close by in case needed.

Music and entertainment

Hymns/poems for wedding ceremony

Children's entertainment for reception -

Music/entertainment for evening reception

Live band --


If you are having a theme wedding and reception you will have to go along with music that is linked to it.
If you are hiring a live band or a DJ see them perform first.

Catching the moment

Photographer -


Extra copies -----

Photograph albums

Go with a company that does both the videos and the photography. Only get extra copies for family and close
friends. Tell family and friends to bring camcorders and cameras along.

Wedding outfits

Choose your colour

Buying new -

Buying second hand -

Hiring ----

Bridesmaids dresses --

Pageboys outfits-

Grooms suit --

Bestman`s suit -

Alter any of the outfits that need it

Accessories -----

Something old/new/borrowed/blue

Lingerie ------

Evening outfit --

Going away outfit -----

Get everyone to try their outfits on well before the ceremony in case any need altered. If you only have a small budget
hire all the outfits or if not the bride and grooms at least the bridesmaids, pageboys and the best mans.
If you want to loose weight for the big day then now is the time to start. Try our fitting into that dress plan.

Flowers and decorations

Decide on the colour and type of flowers ----

Wedding ceremony venue ---

Bride and bridesmaids bouquets

Flowers for hair ------

Button holes ---

Flowers for reception --

Table decorations/candles -

Decorations/balloons for evening reception

Decorations for transport



Try to get a package deal with your florist. For most of the decorations why not make them yourself. Try wedding
decorations on our wedding ideas page.Take the florist along to where the wedding ceremony will be held so that
they can prepare the flower arrangements.

Gift list

Brides rings _

Grooms rings ---

Gifts for bridesmaids/pageboys

Gifts for best man --

From bride to groom----

From groom to bride _-

Presents for newly weds

Bouquet of flowers for your parents -

Send an information pack to the guests that contains a gift list along with all other useful information.

Looking your best

Book an appointment with your hairdresser

Try different colours on the run up to the big day so you know which will look best

Brides beauty treatment

Bridesmaids beauty treatment _

Hair ---------------

Be sure to get plenty of rest before the big day and take time out to pamper yourself or even better let someone else
pamper you.

Other important things

Hen night --------

Stag night ---

Guest book for guests to sign --

Accommodation for guests -


And after it is all over

Thank you letters for those who attended/sent gifts. See Brahoo`s thank you letters

Total up how much it all cost

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