Wedding Hair & Beauty Countdown

When planning your wedding it is important to start planning as soon as possible, especially when it comes to hair and beauty. To look your beautiful best on your big day, plan all your hair and beauty routines well in advance.

Gorgeous Hair
Getting your hair right for your wedding day is one of the most important of all your beauty regime. There is so much to consider. Do you want a colour on your hair? Do you want it cut? Do you want a dramatic new change? It is wise to be cautious when considering your wedding day hair talk to your hairdresser/stylist and listen to what they have to say, but also listen to your own heart after all this is your day and you don't want to look back and regret it.

Six Months
Start by getting into the habit of washing your hair with the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. If you have long hair apply conditioner to the ends. Do not apply conditioner to oily roots as this will only make it limp. Visit your hairdresser for a general chat about your hair and what you want to achieve. If you need to grow out a fringe or a perm, this gives you plenty of time. This is also the time to experiment with new styles as long as you don't have dramatic cuts remember you only have six months to go.

Make sure you have your hair trimmed regularly to guard against split ends and avoid overusing heated appliances and styling aids.
If your hair is chemically treated, take especial care to wash it with with appropriate shampoo and conditioner, in order to achieve and maintain your hair in good condition.

Three Months
You should have ordered your dress by now, so you will know the shape and style. Get together with your hairdresser for an in-depth consultation about your style options. Don't feel you have to grow your hair and abandon all visits to the salon, it simply won't work.
Concentrate instead on the looks you can create with your length of hair.

Colouring your hair. If you've never tried this before, use a colour-enhancing wash-in/wash-out variety to see if it suits you first, as any drastic changes of colour should be approached with caution.

Six Weeks
Have a practice session with your hairdresser so you can see if you like his or her wedding hairstyle suggestions and whether they suit you and your dress neckline. Make sure you take your headdress with you and don't forget to say if you're wearing a veil and, if so, whether you plan to take it off at the reception as this will affect the way your style is constructed and how it looks from behind.

Two to Three Weeks
Have any colour treatments done now and if you are having a perm, give it time to drop before the big day. Whatever your style, have a trim to sharpen up the shape.

One Day
Wash your hair the night before your wedding - freshly washed hair is hard to work with especially if you intend to put it up.

On the Day
Don't be afraid to use styling products - if you're having a very structured or complicated hairstyle, its a good idea to get someone to carry a small can of hairspray so you can keep your hair under control at the merest hint of wind.

Beautiful Body
Not many Brides are one hundred percent happy with the shape of their body, so now's the time to throw youself into doing something about it - with a goal as important as looking completely gorgeous in your gown, you're bound to be successful. Also if you bite youe nails this is the time to stop. The last thing you want is un-sightly nails on your wedding day.

Six Months
Whether you want to loose a lot of weight, just a little or simply tone up, you should take a look at your diet. Weight loss is only permanent when its low and, to loose weight slowly you need to eat healthily. Crash diets simply don't work when you most need energy. Exercise is the key to both weight loss and firming up, so introduce a simple regime that you will stick to and enjoy.

Get into good body habits by using a body brush or scub at least once a week to slough away dead skin cells. Start at your feet and work up the body in small circular motions, always moving towards your heart. To make sure your skin stay extra smooth, after every bath or shower, smooth yourself with a good body moisturiser.

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