Bridal Shower Themes Bathroom Shower

Who couldn't do with extra towels and bathroom accessories. The bathroom is usually neglected compared to the rest of a home so why not hold a bathroom shower and give the bride and groom a head start in their new home.

Drape towels over the backs of chairs. Place bowls with floating candles in around the room. Hang soap from rope on the window.

Mow about a bath shape invitation card with bubbles on. These are easy to make from card and will save a fortune on stationary.

Towels, bathrobes, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, bath mats, shower curtains, shower caddies, bathroom scales, a basket of toiletries.

Games and activities
Who knows the bride best - The bride has to fill out an info sheet on herself (favorite food, restaurant, color, etc..) 20 things shoul;d be enough. Give the same sheet to the guests and the one that gets the most right wins a bottle of wine.

small baskets filled with soaps, shampoos etc.. You can usually buy sample sachets at local markets.

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