Bridal Shower Themes In the Kitchen

If you have a large kitchen then hold the shower there. If not place cook books, bowls etc.. around the room.

Send out invitations that look like recipe cards. It should read like; take one bride to be, mix with lots of friends, sprinkle with gifts and serve on (date, time) at Gails house.

Remember the big gifts are kept for the big day so little things that can help to make the coupls kitchen complete are all that is needed. Remember to write on the invitations the colors of the couples kitchen. Recipes, cookie cutters, can opener, dish towels, disn drainer, pedal bin.

Games and activities
Each guest must bring a long one of their own recipes and the ingredients needed to make it. Write the names of the recipes on pieces of paper and place them in a hat then everyone has to pick one out and attempt to make the recipe stated. If anyone picks out their own recipe they have to put it back and pick again.

Cookie cutters, fridge magnets, aprons, cheeky dish towels.

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