Why Natural?

By: Claudia Stakey

Natural ingredients in skin care provide the benefits of being safe and effective. Take for example green tea extract that in several independent studies has been shown to provide the most powerful antioxidant benefits for the skin when applied topically. Contrary to synthetic counterparts that often provide instant gratification due to plastic polymers added for softness or fragrances mimicking the true plant essences, natural extracts are full of natural vitamins, minerals and other organic compounds that are compatible and benefit human skin. The demand for natural skin care is growing due to numerous study results published to increase consumer's awareness of using synthetics that can have serious health implications when used long term.

Also consumers are beginning to make the realization that the epidemics plaguing our modern society are unnatural and most likely a consequence of exposure to chemicals in the environment. However, most companies are not making the switch quite yet to using natural ingredients due to the higher pricing of raw materials, therefore the necessity to significantly increase production costs.

But there is hope, European Union banned dangerous substances from cosmetics, starting with September 2004 and in February of this year the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to the cosmetics industry stating that the agency is serious about enforcing the law requiring companies to inform consumers that personal care products have not been safety tested. Until all the positive changes will take place it still ultimately comes down to making better personal choices, reading labels and choosing products that are much safer for you, your family and the environment.

About the Author:

Claudia Starkey

Claudia resides in Quincy, Massachusetts along with her husband Larry and son Alex.


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