Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are a fabulous idea for marrying some where like the Caribbean. Here is a guide for the best beach wedding ever.

If it's possible try and book a private beach then you can have your wedding ceremony, and reception all day and night and just party. If you can't hire a private beach or there won't be enough guests attending most places will allow you to have a beach party. Then if you haven't got enough guests then you could let others join in and get to meet new friends all in one.

Send the invites in old bottles for that real beach feel. Or for an easier and less expensive way use stationary with pebble or sand designs.

Make Three heart designs in the sand using shells, pebbles or drift wood. One for you and the Groom, one for the priest etc. And one for the guests. Write your vows in the sand for all to see.

Wear Hawaiian style lei flowers in stead of bouquets. Get a florist at your wedding destination to put together bouquets with shells attached to them. Or instead of flowers you could carry a shell encrusted candle.

Brides Attire
Wear a grass skirt with a bikini and a Hawaiian garland. You could go with a floral dress or a sarong and bikini. Wear a shell necklace and earrings. Go bare foot. Your bridesmaids could dress the same.

Grooms Attire
Floral shirt and Bermuda shorts with a Hawaiian garland round his neck. Or he could do a David Beckham and wear a sarong and vest top. Bare foot or sandals.

For the cake have a sea theme one made. Try white and milk chocolate shell decorations. If you are having your wedding in the UK you could make it yourself by buying a plain sponge cake (or a few in different sizes depending if you want tier cake). Make your own shells with chocolate or buy some candy ones. Have a sea food spread. Prawn cocktail, Lobster. A lot of caterers (especially abroad) will be able to make exotic sea food dishes.

Make everyone a goodie bag containing sunglasses, flip-flops or you could make or buy little shell decorations.

If you can hire a private beach (that is if you have got enough guests to attend) you can party all day and night with out having to leave. And because it is hot you won't need to change your clothes, unless you a wearing a wedding dress. Even if you can't hire a beach there are always beach party's on a night time (depending on the time you go).

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