Bridal Shower Themes Gift Basket Shower

Designate each guest a room and get them to bring a basket, box or container filled with goodies that be of use for that room. This allows the guest to give a gift that will be useful for the bride and groom.

Place baskets all over the room filled with nibbles. Use boxes to sit on.

Use a piece of card with a small hole in the top and thread through a piece of ribbon so that it looks like a gift tag. Write on what room that person has got to fill a basket for. Leave enough space for the person to write the contents of the box onto it and then they can attach it to their gift.

bedroom - candles, silk pillows,
kitchen - detergents, recipe books, cookie cutters,
bathroom - laundry basket filled with soaps, shampoos, towel set,
lounge - ornamants, small pictures,
or a picnic basket filled with items used for a picnic.
Thses might sound like strange gifts to give but they are useful and they won't break the bank.

Games and activities
Play treasure hunt where the guests have to find an item in each room and the winner recieves a bottle of wine.

A small basket of pot pouri.

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