Valentine's Day Wedding Theme

Love is in the air all around the world. What better day then Valentines day to cement your love forever.

Church or Country hotel. If you use a hotel you can use it for the ceremony and reception. Have night ceremony. Make it romantic with candles and soft music.

Make invitation cards heart shape using red card.

Make heart shaped wreaths for the walls. All you need is some chicken wire and dried flowers. Make your own heart shaped place mats and write a love quote on each one. Put photos of you and your fiancÚ on love hearts and put them on the walls. Buy heart shape confetti. Place red and white candles on the tables.

Brides attire
Red ball gown is a must for any valentine bride. Hair left loose with silk flower clips.

Grooms attire
Black or white tuxedo with a red carnation in the button hole.

Instead of a bouquet ask your florist to make you a heart wreath and add roses and ribbons use little ones for the bridesmaids.

Have a white cake with red hearts and/or pink flowers. Ask the baker to make two puff swans that join in the middle to form a heart shape. Have oysters prawns, heart shaped sandwiches and cookies.

Make a goodie bag up and put heart shaped biscuits/cookies or sweets and write a little love quote on a heart shaped piece of card.

Make a heart shaped guest book.

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