Should You Send Save The Date Notices To Your Guests?

By: Sara Haese

You've probably heard about Save the Dates since they have become quite popular with brides but you might not know exactly what purpose they serve.

People's lives are getting increasingly busier and more tightly scheduled so thatís where Save the Date announcements come in handy. You want to make sure that your guests, especially family and close friends, keep the date of your wedding open when planning their schedules. To ensure this, you'll want to consider sending out Save the Date notices shortly after you have set your wedding date, especially if it's several months in the future or around a holiday.

Proper etiquette doesnít dictate that these advance notices have to be sent but in todayís world it helps your guests in their planning so they can be sure to be with you sharing in the celebration of one of the most important days of your life. If you do decide to send them out, you are not required to send them to every one of your guests but youíll probably want to at least include close family members and friends. Guests who will have to travel to be in attendance will find them especially helpful for giving them plenty of travel preparation time particularly if you are having a destination wedding.

Itís easy to be creative when sending out your Save the Dates since there are so many different varieties and designs available.

Magnets have become a favorite selection and why not since your guests can easily stick them onto their refrigerator as their reminder. Some magnets have the option of including a photo and some actually show a calendar of your wedding date month with your date circled for easy reference.

Scratch Off Cards are a fun, unique way of announcing your wedding date. Your date will only be visible to guests after they have scratched off the appropriate area on the card similar to lottery tickets. They come in great playful designs sure to make your guests smile.

Announcement cards can be as creative or as simple as you like. They come in varying designs, colors and themes from whimsical to more traditional. Some of them even come in creative shapes.

All designs are printed with your wedding date and names and some even give the option of including the wedding location. Blank white mailing envelopes are usually included in the price no matter which design you choose. Be sure to list at the bottom of your Save the Date the added line, "invitation to follow", so guests won't assume that this is the actual wedding invitation. This is also why it's imperative that everyone who receives your Save the Date will also receive your wedding invitation.

Wedding invitations play an important role in planning your wedding, and in today's society, Save the Dates are becoming increasingly popular because of your guests' busy schedules. You want to do everything you can to make sure family and friends will be able to share in the joy of your wedding day.

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