Career Change: Success Tips

By: Marcia Zidle

Successful career change is based on first making an honest assessment of your skills and experiences. Then you match them against the current market conditions. Finally you set realistic goals. Here are five strategies to keep in mind when changing careers:

Plan for a longer job search.
Changing industries requires research, which requires time. Assess your financial situation and make realistic decisions. You may have to consider an interim position or part-time work or even volunteering to bridge to your new career and gain valuable experience.

Learn the business.
Read every article you can find on the industry, so that you can leverage your skills in offering solutions to industry challenges and demonstrate the value you would add to an organization.

Find a coach.
Coaches can provide you with insights into your new career field. They can also introduce you to key people and give you success advice. Treat them well for they are valuable resources.

Forget about ads and search firms.
With the exception of entry-level positions, companies run ads to recruit prospects with specific experience. This is also true of search firms, who are paid to find highly experienced talent that matches the job description exactly.

Network, network, network.
Networking is the key to any successful job search, especially in the case of a career change. The most effective way to transfer skills to a new field or new career is by using your contacts. Companies are more willing to take risks on people who are referred to them by individuals who can account for the candidates' abilities and potential.

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