Your'e Fired!

By: Garry Munro

One-day you're minding your own business and your boss comes in and says "You're Fired", perhaps he was a bit more polite than that but the end result was the same, you're now out of work!!

Now what do you do?

Well get over the initial shock and look at the whole experience as a positive, this maybe the break you have been waiting for, no more excuses for not doing what you've always wanted to do, that is too work for yourself and if that's not what you always wanted to do, it is now, because you may not have any other choice.

Okay, just got the sack and now suddenly thrust into the world of the entrepreneur! What next? First thing is to think about what you have been doing that actually had someone paying you previously to do it. Also what do you like doing? What do your family and friends compliment you on being good at?

Do any of these things click that you may be able to make a living out of them if you went into business for yourself?

Say, at your last job you were a good organiser and you love working with people and your friends have said that you take great photos!! Perhaps you could start a corporate photography business whereby you organise tour packages and you take all conference tour photographs for major corporations???

This may not be the perfect business solution but I think you get the drift, that once you are offered a challenge, turn it into a positive and an opportunity to do what you love doing and get paid for it.

So what's stopping you? Haven't been fired yet, oh well, your luck may change tomorrow and you get fired!! Good Luck.

About the Author:

Garry is a successful consultant, speaker, mentor & coach in the area of self-development.

Based in Sydney Australia he runs his own business "Minds Alike" and works with small business owners and individuals assisting them to set & achieve their goals.

Visit his web site at

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