Quitting Smoking Plan

By smoking you're not only putting yourself at risk but also your unborn baby. Take a few things into consideration the
next time you take a puff of your cigarette. When you smoke carbon monoxide and nicotine pass into your lungs and
bloodstream. This means that your baby gets less oxygen and cannot grow as well as it should, the nicotine also makes
your baby's heart beat faster. By giving up you will reduce the risk of your baby being born earlier then it should,
having any breathing problems, being under weight and you will reduce the risk of cot death. For your baby's
sake you should give up smoking now to give him/her the healthiest start in life. Brahoo has put together an action
plan to help you kick the habit. All you have to do is print it off and keep it where you can see it at all times. Good luck.

Planning to stop

The first thing to do is to pick a day to stop smoking. (When choosing a day to stop smoking, make sure that it's a
day with which you won't have any stress, or people around you that smoke. Maybe the begining of a working week
will be best for you, or a holiday is always a good time to give up.)

The night before. (Before going to bed throw out all cigarettes and ashtrays)

The big day. (You have to break the habit of that first cigarette and don't drink tea or coffee as this will make
you want a cigarette. Go for a walk or a jog instead, or have a relaxing bath. But don't have a cigarette.)

Ask for help. (If your partner or members of your family or friend's smoke, tell them what you are doing and ask
them for help and understanding. Ask them to not smoke around you or offer you a cigarette. If your partner smokes
maybe you could give up together.)

Break your smoking habits. (If you smoke while, having a cup of tea/coffee, on the phone or after a meal do
something different. Drink water or orange juice, chew sugar free gum after a meal or when you are on the phone.
It would be a good idea to buy sugar free gum in bulk.)

Thing to avoid when giving up smoking

Avoid public places where smokers frequent

Don't drink alcohol for the first few weeks as alcohol is also addictive and this will make you want a cigarette

People tend to eat more when they give up smoking "DON'T" this will make your weight increase and make you

Things to do when giving up smoking

Break your smoking habits

Keep active, try exercising, swimming, lightly jogging. Ask your midwife or doctor what type of exercise you can do
while you are pregnant.

Take up a new hobby, something that will keep you busy. (Knitting, crafts .etc.)

At the begining of each day congratulate yourself on having made it through another day. Make your goal to get through
today without smoking.

Write a list of all the reasons why you want to stop smoking and pin them up all around your home/work place as a
constant reminder of why you are stopping smoking. Here is a few you could use to help you, try adding a few of your own.

I want to give my baby a healthy start in life

I want to improve my own health

I don't want my children to become smokers

I want to save money

I don't want to be addicted to anything

I don't want to smell of smoke


Every week, month that you do without a cigarette reward yourself with a gift (flowers, your favorite bottle of perfume .etc.)
or you could save your money for a holiday or something that you have always wanted.

Good luck and don't give up you can do it. There are plenty of women out there that are trying to give up
smoking so if this or any other plan has been of any use please let us know and share your experiences with us.
Here is the number for the free quit line.

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