Questions to Ask At Interview

The interview is drawing to an end and you think yes I have done it, I've getting through it. Then comes "is there any thing you would like to ask me?" Crash! you land to earth with a thud, your mind is blank, palms are sweaty and you start to stutter. REWIND... The reason, no preparation, you haven't thought this through and here you are screwing up what could have been a prosperous future. Don't allow this to happen.

Ask yourself why would they be interested in any questions you want to ask? After all aren't they supposed to be interviewing you? Well it is part of the interviewing regime to allow you to ask questions. Not to mention they want to know how keen you are and whether or not you are really interested in the company or just desperate for a job. They are banking on the first.

Your prospective employer is wanting to know how well your communication skills are, what your knowledge is of the company and how eager you are to learn. You can show all this off by answering the right questions but most importantly by asking the right questions. Follow these guidelines and you will sail through any interview.

Make sure that the question indicates that you have read and thought about the subject

Questions to ask

"If I am good at my job and generate business/increase profits where will I be in five years?"

"If I need any specific training have you the resources to provide it?"

"What can the company offer me?"

"How will my performance be evaluated?"

"How often are performance reviews given? By whom?"

"What are the opportunities for advancement?"

"Does your company encourage its employees to pursue additional education?"

"How would you describe the company's culture/environment?"

"What makes your company different from its competitors?"

"How is the work environment affected by the company's management style?"

You get the idea now go out do your research and knock them dead at the interview.

Questions to avoid asking
Questions that you don't really want to know the answer to such as, how long is the lunch break etc..

Salary or perks of the job. Wait until you are offered the job before entering negotiations

Don't ask about just one subject this will give the impression that you're a one dimensional person

Never ask questions about topics that have already been covered by the interviewer

Concentrate on asking questions that will help you to learn more about the responsibilities of the position and the culture of the company

If you are worried about forgetting your questions write them down on a notepad

These are just mock questions and should only be used as a guideline.

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