Date Your Spouse

Two questions:
1. Can you remember your courting days before you were married?
2. Can you remember the last time you and your spouse dated each other.
I bet you answered yes to question 1 and no to question 2. It is a sad fact of married life that couples stop dating each other. And those who do usually stop once they have been married a short while. I believe every married couple should go on date together at least once a month.

Why dating is good for your marriage
You get to spend some time together a way from family and friends
It keeps passion in your marriage
It can be exciting
It stops boredom settling in
It's a good excuse to dress up
And it's good for your sex life

Can you remember the good old days when you spent hours deciding what to wear and changing a million times before opting for the first one you tried on? How you felt like you had butterflies doing triple somersaults inside your stomach. Well let the old feelings come back and get excited and nervous.

Arrange a date with your husband and keep to it. Remember this is a date so meet him at your chosen destination. You could get ready at your friend's house or get him to get ready at his friends.

Take time to prepare for your date. Take the day off work and have your hair done. Spend an hour in the bath and pamper yourself.

Hold hands, open doors for each other and lock arms. Be excited and enthusiastic about your date.

If you have children ask your relatives to have them over night or better still for the weekend and make the most of your time together.

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