Cinderella (Fairy Tale Wedding)

"You shall go to the Ball" We all wanted to be a princess when we were little. And we grew up with the dream that our wedding is going to be a fairy tale wedding. Well it can, it's a bit more expensive but you only do it once (hopefully). Change from rags to riches and have your very own Cinderella fairy tale.

A Cathedral, Country Hotel, or a Castle. If you can't afford any of these a normal church and a large hall for the reception.

Check with your local theater / college drama group for any props that will add to the atmosphere. Thrones, Pumpkin coach, glass slipper, Magic Wands, red carpet. Red roses and ivory decorations.

Have the cake made in ivory and have a toy castle put on the top of it. Have a glass Slipper ice sculpture made for the centre of the buffet table.

Brides attire
A huge ball gown is must and tiara. Clear shoes. Go for glass or plastic if you can. A heart necklace. If you have long hair have it tonged loosely and wear it down.

Grooms attire
A classic black tuxedo.

Make heart or mice chocolate and put them in goodie bags.

Find out if there is a horse drawn carriage for rental in your area. Preferably white.

Get the Cinderella sound track on CD for the DJ. Also the song from Beauty and the Beast also "When you wish apon a star" would be good choices. Have all your favorite love songs put onto one tape .

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