Halloween Wedding Theme

love Halloween and would love to attend a Halloween wedding.

Forest, castle that is rumoured to be haunted. Have the wedding at night. That way you can party until dawn, plus it is more spookier.

Black and lots of it. Spiders, ghosts, bats hanging from the ceiling and walls. (I once did a Halloween party for my kids. I covered the ceiling and walls with black bin liners. It took a long time and a lot of bags but it was worth the effort and it looked inpressive) Have the room lit with candles only and an opened flame fire. Make place mats in the design of the ghosts, bats, pumpkins, etc.. Put candles in pumpkins for the table decorations. If you choose a forest as your location you want need any decorations just keep a fire burning.

Make cards in the shape of bats, ghosts etc.. Check out our e-crds and e-mail your invitations.

Brides attire
Go with a Mortisha style dress. Tight bodice, long flowing, jagged edge skirt, long sleeved. Or you could go with a black lace, see through bodice with a long flowing skirt. A black cape with a red lining. If you have black hair have it straightened. If you don't have black hair wear a long, straight black wig. For the make up. Face white, black eye liner and black eye shadow for eyes. Black or red lipstick. If you have long nails paint them black if you don't wear false ones and paint them black. Ask the bridesmaids to wear red velvet dresses with a tight bodice and a semi flowing skirt.

Grooms attire
A black or dark green vintage tux suit with tails. A white or red frilled shirt. Face white, a bit of eye liner and black lips. Ask guests to wear black and dress to match the Halloween theme.

Red roses are a must.

Have the cake made like a pumpkin instead of tiers. Or if you want a tier cake have spiders dangling over the sides.

Make a spooky goodie bag with spiders, (not real of course) candles and novelty Halloween torches.

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