Sports Wedding Theme

Sport themed weddings have got to be the funniest of the themes so far. It's amazing how many women complain about sports and then have sports themed wedding. If you or someone you know has had sport themmed wedding please let us know. Or it you know of any tips or ideas submit them and they will be shown.

Football, your teams stadium. Tennis, Wimbeldon. Rugby, your teams rugby ground. Golf, your local golf course. What ever sport you are into you will be able to find your location. Most premiership teams allow weddings to take place at their stadium.

Send invitations in the shape of your sport theme i.e.. Football. You can make them yourself from card.

If you are marrying at a golf course you should be able to have your reception there as well. If your theme is football have your reception at the local pub near the stadium.

Put up photos of your favorite sports personalities on the walls of the reception venue. Have place mats in the shape of footballs, tennis bats etc.. Have turf on the center of the table.

Brides attire
For a football theme you could wear your teams shirt/kit or you could wear a wedding dress with a shirt over the top of it. For tennis you could wear the tennis skirt and top. Wear an outfit that fits in with the theme of the wedding.

Grooms attire
Much the same as the brides. Your sports theme outfit. Ask the guests to wear outfit that fit in with the theme.

For a football theme have a cake made the shape of a foot ball or you could pay for your team's stadium to be made which will probably cost a lot of money. For a tennis theme have a center court cake made. For a golf theme have a golf course cake. Etc...

Give gifts that fit in with the theme of your wedding i.e... Mini foot balls, mini golf clubs, tennis balls and so on.

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