Sea Wedding Theme

What could be more romantic then having your wedding at sea? Nothing. Sea food, Married at sunset "ah". He must really love you.

Yacht in the middle of the sea. Time sunset.
Send cards in the shape of sea shells or if you have the cash send invites in little boxes that are decorated in shells or send pebbles that have messages wrote on them.

Seashells, starfish, sand, fish, other sea life, or even mermaids. Have Christmas lights dangling from the yacht. Hang shells and use big shells to hold candles.

Ask your florist to make a Hawaiian bouquet. Everyone could wear a Hawaiian garland around their neck.

Brides attire
You could dress as a mermaid with a fish tail (check costume shops or have one made) and wear a bikini top. Wear jewelry made from shells and pebbles and wear a flower in your hair. Or you could dress in a sailor suit, white pleated skirt and sailor jacket with a sailor's hat. Guests could dress as sailors or if you opt for the mermaid theme they could wear grass skirts

Grooms attire
Without a doubt a sailors suit the full lot. With a Hawaiian garland around his neck,

Lobster, prawn cocktail, fish definitely sea food. Ask a baker to make you a sea theme wedding cake. Mermaids, shells, seaweed hanging over the side of it. The choice is unlimited. Have fish made of ice.

Boxes made of shells, shell ornaments,

Dolphin wedding rings are popular. Smash a bottle of Champaign over the side of the yacht. Dive in the water for a swim s soon as you said "I do".

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