Bridal Shower Themes Lingerie Shower

This is defiantly a night time party. Create a romantic atmosphere with soft lights and lots of candles. Drape the room in silk throws and cushions.

Black card with red lace around the edges. Make sure to include the bride's lingerie sizes and color preferences.

Nightgowns, chemise's, slips, bras, pajamas, teddies, lingerie cases, peignoirs, nightshirts, camisoles, stockings, garters. Maybe even silk boxers for the groom.

Games and activities
Why not have a lingerie selling party and make money into the bargain. These parties are great fun and the guests can shop while they celebrate. Contact your local lingerie boutique to make a reservation.

Striptease - Cut out a cardboard silhouette of a man and dress him in clothes. During the shower each guest has to answer intimate questions about themselves and if they do they get remove an item of clothing if they don't they have to do a dare by the one asking the question. Underneath all the clothing cover his groin area with a fig leaf and write a small message on it like "not tonight darling I'm washing my hair".

Small satin pillows or silk scarves.

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