Bridal Shower Themes Pamper the Bride Shower

The bride will be that busy running around trying to organize everything that she will wear herself out. Make the bridal shower a special one where all the girls get to be pampered.

Create an atmosphere of luxury, indulgence, and tranquillity. Adorn the room with flowers, potpourri, and candles. Bring in all the cosmetics, and hair accessories.

Pretty invitation cards are a must, preferably with lace around them.

Perfume, a loofah, gift certificates for a health spa, bath oils, bubble bath, manicure/pedicure, a bottle of champagne, bath soaps,make over by a proffessional.

Games and activities
Each person must bring a long a bag of clothes, shoes and accessories. Try each others clothes on and do a private catwalk. You never know you might even swap clothes in the bargain.

A small basket of toiletries or a bag of cosmetics.

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