Bridal Shower Q&A

Who should host the bridal shower?
The shower can be hosted by any close friend of the bride. Traditionally, the maid of honor hosts the shower and can organize the shower with the help of the bridesmaids.

How many people should be invited?
Guests range anywhere from 5-20 but can be more or less. The amount of guests depend on how many people want to celebrate the bride to be.

Who should be invited?
Immediate female members of both the bride & groom's family should be invited as well as close friends of the bride. Anyone that is invited to the wedding however everyone invited to the wedding does not have to be invited to the shower.

When should the shower take place?
A good time for the shower would be 1-2 months before the wedding. However you might want to check with the bride about the date as this will be a very busy time for her.

Where should the shower be held?
Put together the list of who will be invited before you decide where the shower will be held. This will help you work out whether you will need a large space such as a hall or resturant or if you can just use your home to hold it. This is entirely up to the host.

What about the invitations?
Shower invitations do not have to be as elaborate as the wedding invitations. If you are having a themed shower you can design your cards around it. Or you could make your own in various designs.

What information should be included in the invitations?
Bride's name
hostess' name and phone number
address where shower will be held
shower date and time
map of shower location
RSVP date and phone number
if you are having a shower theme then details should be povided
gift list (optional)
additional information such as; couples prefered color, dress size if buying clothes, etc..

When should the invitations be sent out?
Send the invites out 4-6 weeks prior to the date for out of town guests and 2-3 weeks for local guests.

When should guests RSVP by?
A good guideline for the RSVP deadline should be 2 weeks before the shower. Always be prepared for guests that RSVP late or not at all.

What order should events happen at the shower?
There are many variations on showers, but we have devised a general "schedule" for bridal showers. You can add/remove any part and re-order it to your liking.
Greet Guests - serve light appetizers
After all or almost all guests have arrived, go around the room and have each guest introduce themselves and identify how they know the bride.
Play 2-4 Shower Games. It is good to play games at the beginning as ice-breakers. Remember some guests may not know *anyone* but the bride.
Let everyone go get whatever food may be available and then once everyone has been served, the bride can begin to open her gifts. Be sure to have someone write down each gift and who it is from. It will make sending thank-you notes a lot easier.
People chat and usually leave a few at a time. Make sure the bride gets to say goodbye to everyone and the hostess thanks the person for attending. If the hostess has shower favors, they should give this to the guest now.

How long should the shower last?
Two hours is a good estimate. Things may wind down early or they may likely continue on as guests chat together.

Does a shower have to have games?
No, there do not have to be games. If the bride is older or just not into games, you may choose to have a nice dinner or tea at a restaurant or at your home. The key is to find out what the bride would like and go with that.

What food should be served at the shower?
Typically there is a not a meal served at a shower, but simply finger-foods. Chips, pretzels, ice cream, pie, cake...just typical snack or dessert foods. A fruit or vegetable tray would be a good alternative for the health conscious. There should be coffee & punch available for the guests. You may also choose to have soft drinks or other beverages available. The type of food also varies with theme. It is not uncommon to have formal teas or barbecues for example.

Are shower favors for guests necessary?
Shower favors are not a tradition in all areas. In some regions, it is unheard of give favors (they came to shower the bride, not vice-versa). Yet in other regions, it is a must (it is rude not to acknowledge their presence with a favor). It's best to base your decision on what you have experienced at showers you have attended locally or ask close friends and find out what they think. If you do have favors, some ideas are potpourri satchel, scented candles, or candies wrapped in tulle.

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